The Duchess II

Salvador Calvo

TV miniseries of two episodes directed by Salvador Calvo for Tele5. Produced by Ficciona. Shot on location in Madrid and Seville, Spain, during five weeks in late 2010 with Red One MX. Running time of 150 min.
Title The Duchess II
Original title La Duquesa II
Director Salvador Calvo
Country Spain
Year 2011
Time 150 min. – 2 episodes
Genre Drama
Cast Adriana Ozores, Carlos Hipólito, Marian Álvarez, Diego Martín
Screenplay Antonio Hernández Centeno, Carmen Pombero
Production Co Ficciona Media, Tele 5
Production Design Sonia Nolla
Cinematography Álvaro Gutiérrez
Editing Jaime Colis
Sound Guillermo Solana
Music Víctor Reyes
Make Up Elena Cuevas