Mist & the Maiden

Andrés M. Koppel

The corpse of a young man appears in a forest on the island of La Gomera. The case closes with the accusation to a local politician who is exonerated in the later judgment. Three years later, Sergeant Bevilaqua and his assistant, Corporal Chamorro, are sent to the island to revive the investigation. Corporal Anglada accompanies them, the last one who saw the young man alive.
Year 2017
Directed by Andrés M. Koppel
 Cast Quim Gutiérrez, Verónica Echegui, Aura Garrido, Roberto Álamo, Marian Álvarez
Produced by Mercedes Gamero, Gerardo Herrero, Mikel Lejarza, Mariela Besuievsky, Javier López Blanco
Music by Adrian Foulkes, Lucio Godoy
Cinematography by Álvaro Gutiérrez
Film Editing by Irene Blecua
Casting By Diego Betancor, Juana Martínez
Art Direction by Rafa Castro